Update view when changing an input

I am developing a view with a custom report
The idea is that when I select a date, it shows me a list of materials used by all the manufacturing orders planned for that date
The report works for me, but when I change the date the view called from a panel-dashlet is not updated
I have tried adding action-attrs to refresh the dashlet, but it still didn’t work for me


In your action-view specify the different name for context key like add underscore (_) or something like that. and use that to filter the data.
Something Like :

    <action-view name="action-show-view-components-to-consume-by-day" title="">
      <view name="custom-view-components-to-consume-by-day" type="custom" />
      <context name="_dateFilter" expr="eval: dateFilter" />

And don’t use reserved key word like date.

It will work.

Thank you

the refresh doesn’t work for me

Hello, thanks for answering, gracias

It works for me when I select a date that does have records and then change to one that does not, it works there

but when I start the view and select a date that does NOT have records, when selecting a date that does have records, it does not work


It won’t affect the refresh feature of panel dashlet , whether first time records are there or not.
And here I have used different names for dummy date field and context key
<context name="_dateFilter" expr="eval: dateFilter" />
dateField is the name of my dummy date field & _dateField is my context key

Thank you.

Hello, thanks for answering
As I mentioned before, the refresh works for me in some cases and in others it doesn’t.
When the view is shown after clicking on the menuitem I have two scenarios

  1. when I select a date that contains results and then select one that does not have it, it updates and shows the empty results, if I select the date that had results again, it shows the records
  2. When selecting a date that does not contain results and then a date that does have results, the records are not displayed

and it’s strange because I see the eclipse console and I see that the action is being executed

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