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Hi All
I’m looking to some ideas to log each user in a table in this way.
username - datetime - IP Address - Operation


you want to trace all activities?

No all activities but at least login/logout, more tracing for admin users group

There is something similare in the « about » menu / information system

Take a look in axelor-web-5...jar in webapp/js/axelor.prefs.js

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Great thanks @matthias

I can’t find the menu voice, Where is it?

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Found it! Thanks @matthias

And for the IP and operation all is log in tomcat log server side :
{tomcat folder}/logs/localhost_acces_log.2020-08-19.txt

I know.
I also would like to have more precision, so if admin login from an IP address, then I wanna log what he see and his requests.

is it possible to see users the last login and if it’s possible to more details logs.

for example lıke thıs

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