Value multilingual translation

Dear All,
When quotation generated in English (with demo) details are still in french language:

  • Terms of payment
  • Quantity (unités)
  • Validity (mois)
  • Description
    Translations are available for fields is there any possibility to translate values to be multilingual ?

The quotation/sale order is generated with customer’s language and not with user’s language.
Also, multilingual support is already there.

Thanks for feedback, unfortunately availability of multilingual translation is missing for unit of measurement such as “month” and units, only default value is taken in consideration apparently.
Bug on product description, when description is fulfilled in english, only default language description appears in generated PDF
See below location of errors on generated PDF file

Thanks for reporting issue. Translation is not supported for some values like name of unit, but will be fixed in future version.

Thanks for your feedback, units and month is not a big issue as solution can be found.
However bug on translated description is more critical as this brings difficulties for international deployment.