<view-param name="popup" value="reload"/>

There is an action:

<action-view model="com.axelor.apps.helpdesk.db.TicketType" name="call-center.ticker.tree.create.action-view" title="Create a child">
     <view type="form" name="ticket-type-simple-form"/>
     <view-param name="popup" value="reload"/>
     <view-param name="show-confirm" value="false"/>
   </action view>

This action turns out to save the child element in the parent, it will be shown in the tree interface, when adding a new child element, when you click save, the tree form is updated and gets the original view, and it is not clear where it was saved, you need to make sure that when adding a child element, when pressing save the form was updated and immediately showed the place where it was saved