View popup with grid

Hi All,

I am trying to create one grid popup view for list of object, this view will open from parent grid view (on click of eye button), for that i have called one event and in controller class i have tried to populate that collection list, but i am unable to set the values, kindly help me to achieve this. i am getting an error Invalid context object. Please refer the below code.

List transactionSet = new ArrayList();

ActionView.define(« Ledger Details »)
.add(« grid », « ledger-report-grid »)
.param(« popup », « true »)
.param(« show-toolbar », « false »)
.param(« show-confirm », « false »)
.param(« width », « 500 »)
.param(« popup-save », « false »)
.param(« forceEdit », « false »)
.param(« canNew », « false »)
.param(« readonly », « false »)
.name(« reportList »)
.context(« report », transactionSet)

Where i will pass my collection transactionSet to view object?

either set values or view

more details can be seen from here

if still unclear let me know

Hi Thank you for your update, still i am not clear with that, i could see in the above example the value is returning single record and that also just passing the id of that record. For me already have list of records in ArrayList, and that list should show in grid view.

array list currently not possible to show directly like grid but model can be shown or custom view with no editable records

Hi Siddique,

Thank you for your response, if its possible kindly share some code reference for custom view with grid from using action builder to populate those model


Is there any update on above query

no, not right away, I will have to see in repos