View refresh when add fields or modify xml views

Hi. I have noticed that a refresh view process has been very slowly some times. Once finished in 2 min, other times in 35min or more or even send error when the time is over.
which is a correct process to add fields and modify view.

I have been testing Axelor funcionality to implemented at my work, so I’m worried about the process to the plattaform when will be in production and experimented the same problem when I’ll make a change.

I often do this:

  1. Add fields in domain xml files and add modifications to my new process.
  2. Delete folder build.
  3. From terminal line execute gradlew generatecode and gradlew build.
  4. Execute axelor plataform
  5. Refresh the views from administration menu, view management, refresh all views.

I aprecciate your help.

How many viezs do you have in your Axelor ?

Hi @PHPierre thanks for your help. In meta_view table are 2399. Just add 3 views more to the axelor.

Do you think you can uninstall some modules ?
I have 700 views approximately and it take 10 secondes to reload my views and actions from the ERP.

I don’t know where you lose most of your time but yeah some actions are very slow.
Editing a views or actions take less than 30 secondes to reload.
Editing domain and reload reverything take me 2 minutes approximately.

Without dev time, your scenario take approximately 2 minutes maximum to do.

I use IntelliJ to develop with some plugins to improve developement speed (tomcat hot reload + axelor views hot reload) so I don’t have to reload all my views everytime I do a change, IntelliJ do it in background and I don’t need to restart server if I edit java code inside functions but I need to restart for signature change, new methods, new class.

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I´ll do your recommendation after users review the modules, in this moment we are being knew all Axelor funcionalities for that reason @PHPierre I have installed all the modules. But is a good solution for my problem. Thank again for your help.

@PHPierre What do we need to setup with intellij to hot reload java code inside functions ? What run options / arg in command line I need to use to achieve this ?