Webhook availability


Are there any (JSON/XML/any) webhooks? I could not find any in the documentation but that might just mean I did not read carefully.

What I mean by this, I would like to be able to ‘ping’ external systems whenever a change happens in the CRM/ERP system. There is no programming needed for that in most systems, as you simple add a webhook and whenever there is a change (to a record), it will post to the endpoint what the change was .

Anyway, hopefully there is a facility I overlooked for this…


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it supports CDI and we can use that to add it with the way we like, there is no such thing exists already, but it very easy to build

Hello Tycho

I created a button to call external API for Axelor CRM

It’s not a perfect solution however I think you have to create the whole weekhook to allow Axelor to talk to other applications

hello fabiobottan,
how you do you call external API
are you implement code or it can call using no code ?