Why is React faster than Angular?

Hello All, I am working on a angular based project and and I want to know why react is faster than angular? As i checked this post, it show react.js apps make use of a virtual DOM, which allows developers to make changes without having to rewrite the full HTML document. It ensures speedier performance by rendering updates faster. Can any tell me, Is it valid reason?

Hello @ankitdixit
You are asking in the wrong forum.
However yes, one of the bottlenecks of Angular is the rendering (which often and how you build your components can be faster in React).
To see if it’s a valid reason it’s really depend on your choice there are kind of application (purpose of the software and other reasons)
For some app and same DOM (Angular VS React) the difference will be impossible to see.
If you need to create and render a very big table with ton of cells and different data I would use React.

Angular uses a real DOM and two-way data binding, while React uses one-way data binding. Angular’s bundle size is larger than that of React’s, which makes it faster.

So technically yes, React is faster.

Team, Windzoon