Withholding tax support

Does Axelor supports withholding tax?
I mean I can emit an invoice of 1000 euro+vat -20% of withholding tax?


I don’t know if it’s possible


Axelor build taxes very well when you learn to use it.
if you understand the UE - intra-community taxes, so you will probably find a way.

This idea is :

  • create your taxe (name, percentage or mount, quantity)
  • choice your accounting about this tax, this will create lines in accounting corresponding ass what you want
  • attribut the taxe for your product

Give me more about your situation, it could be interesting to study it

Informations like
the country,
accounting in axelor too ?
how it is counted
can it be like deposit ?

thanks for reply.
I can give you an example.
If in Italy I have to do an invoice like:

consultancy 1000 euro
vat 220 euro
to pay 1220 euro

I have to do like this:

consultancy 1000 euro
additional tax 40 euro
vat 228,80 euro (calculated on 1040)

sum 1268,80 euro
withholding 253,76 euro (20% of sum)

AMOUNT TO PAY = 1015,14 euro

I hope this example can help.