Worldly, vs French, location addresses


I see that your system is based almost specifically around French-style addresses…
no Arrondissements though…

How can I convert this to the hierarchy found so many other places:
have States, Provinces, or Territories,
which have Counties or Parishes,
which contain Cities,
which then have Neighborhoods within a city.

Can you please also include an option for « world » style addresses ‹ out of the box ›; I imagine that people trying to add a new Company who are not in France give up in anger because they cannot add a City without adding numerous levels of hierarchy of addresses that simply make no sense in non-French locations.

And, has anyone figured out how to make this work as I describe?


We are aware that currently the management of addresses is better adapted for French addresses, we will think of a more « universal option ».

But currently, not all the fields are mandatory. For example, only the name is mandatory for the city.

If you create a new adress, you can just fill the country, n° and street label, and Zip/city.

This is something I’m interested in too. Creating an address shouldn’t need a city defining; it should simply be a text field with optional validation. As a suggestion:

  • Country*
  • Recipient
  • Address 1** - Address precisions
  • Address 2** - No and street
  • Address 3 - Distribution precisions
  • City*
  • State/County/Region/Province/Territory
  • Postal code (more of a neutral name than Zip code, which is quite US specific)

**one of these is mandatory. In the Anglophone world it is usual to start from address 1, which can either be “address precisions” or “No and street” depending on the situation.

On a country by country basis there could be an address validation option (in Application Config), so FR could have postal code and city validation turned on, but other countries could have it turned off as standard. This could be turned on depending on the validation data loaded:

  • UK’s postcode system resolves to street level and can be used to validate individual addresses. A street can have multiple postcodes each covering part of it (e.g. 1-40 High Street could have one postcode, whilst 41-80 High Street could have another postcode).
  • Ireland’s postal code system (Eircode) resolves to the individual property level.
  • Germany’s Postleitzahl resolves to a town/neighbourhood level.
  • Spain’s system works similarly to Germany
  • US 5 digit Zip codes work similarly to the German system
  • US 9 digit Zip codes work similarly to the UK system
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