Axelor Open Platform 6 / JDK 11

According to the previous page, Axelor Open Platform 6 will be able to run on JDK 11.
But I see on github ( that the last version of the open platform is 5.4.3. So Axelor Open Platform 6 is not available and we can’t use JDK 11 to run Axelor, right ?

JDK-11 support is coming very soon with AOP 6.x.

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Bonjour pouvez-vous nous indiquer une date approximative de sortie de AOP 6.x ?
Je dois faire une installation pour le démarrage d’une entreprise, et je voudrai partir sur de bonne base.

Merci d’avance

@oryxr, thanks for your interest in axelor. JDK 11 support is almost ready (with some other major changes) but we are doing some internal testing at the moment. There no confirmed date of release yet but hopefully around the x-mas. You may be able to see it in action during the upcoming axelor days.

Any news on this topic?

Sorry for the late replay. We are working hard to bring JDK-11 support. Because of the backwards compatibility issues, the release of v6 was deferred. We don’t have any deadline as of now, but it is coming sooner than later.