Company does not show active

I am working my way through the User setup and I am unable to associate a user with a company. When creating the users, and I search active company, it has no results.

Is there an « activate company », or did I miss something in the initial client/ partner buildout?

Hello, How do youhave create the compagny ? Partner ?

I followed the instructions from this link User Company :: Axelor Documentation.

The instructions had me completing the Invoice/Payment section within the Create Partner section. There is no Invoice/Payment options within the account.

Otherwise, I see no option to activate a company to assign users.

For your question "Otherwise, I see no option to activate a company to assign users. "

In the User management form, the administrator can select several companies, to which the user has access, in the « internal companies » panel
Then the administrator can assign a default company to the user.

WARNING : Make sure that the user’s role has perm.user.Auth.rwc, perm.base.Company.r rights, so that the user can possibly change the company, in their preferences.
Otherwise, in the logs you have a message like « Authorization error: you are not authorized to read this resource: com.axelor.auth.db.User »

If the user has the permissions, he himself can change the active company in his preferences, among all the companies authorized by the administrator.

Thank you so much. That worked like a charm.