Could Someone Give me Advise for Implementing Custom Workflows in Axelor ERP?

Hello there,

I am working on implementing Axelor ERP for my organization; and I am seeking advice and best practices for creating custom workflows within the system. Our company has specific business processes that don’t entirely align with the default workflows provided by Axelor; so customization is necessary to ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance.

What are the essential steps I should take when beginning to customize workflows in Axelor? Are there any resources or documentation that you recommend for understanding the basics? :thinking:

What are some best practices for designing and implementing custom workflows? Specifically, I am interested in strategies to ensure they are maintainable and scalable as our business grows.

What are some common challenges or pitfalls you’ve encountered when customizing workflows in Axelor, and how did you overcome them? :thinking:

How can I ensure that my custom workflows integrate seamlessly with other modules in Axelor? Are there specific considerations or configurations that I should be aware of?

Also, I have gone through this post; which definitely helped me out a lot.

What are effective methods for testing and debugging custom workflows in Axelor? Are there any tools or techniques that have been particularly helpful in your experience?

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance. :innocent:


Voilà la documentation fonctionnelle et technique :

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