Understanding permissions and the workflow

Hello. I just need some help in understanding the workflow. I’m running axelor suite in docker, what I did:

  1. Install
  2. Created a company
  3. Configured email
  4. Created another user

Problem: user has no access to anything in the system, is there any walkthrough the process of setup? I just need to understand how to create new users with simple access to all contacts and documents in CRM module. I couldn’t find it in functional documentation, maybe someone could point me to the exact place? For now, basically, my newly created users can only login into the system, and it’s not only thing what they want to do :frowning: Thanks.

Hi Coredump

did you ever figure this out?
I’m also trying adding users, but with no success. Difficult to find any resource with such a guide.
If you did this successfully, would you mind giving few tips?

thank you in advance


The principal society had to be supplier AND client.
After that add in the identity of the user the principal society.

(if I’m not clear because of my english, say it to me :wink: )

I don’t understand what you mean dtneo with “principal society”. Can you please help me to understand?

« principal society » or « Create your company »

you have the documentation of Axelor : User Company :: Axelor Documentation

For use Axelor, you have to register your own company,
For that you have to select supplier and client.

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