Deleting Users

I have been trying this app for a few days and it feels very buggy.

I have opened one issue so far - Alexor app from Google Play

But I am also finding that once a user is removed, when I log out and back in, the user is back…

From the pic below, you will see that there are 4 users

I delete 2…

Once I log out and back in… All 4 users are back

Hi again
I never tried to delete an user.
Does it show you any error after delete? (I think it doesn’t delete because the user has any data linked)
Anyway you can lock the user access

@fabiobottan Im keeping you busy lol
No errors, the users get deleted from view until I log back in

Ufortuately I never tested this option, so I don’t know

Hello , if user have do an action , it can be deleted . But you can archive it .

@fabiobottan @bDurtaut The users have no Actions associated.

Vidyard Recording?

You will see from the video that I deleted a user, refreshed the screen and the user came back.
There are no associated actions/permissions with the user.

Good morning, @bdurtaut where go to the archive users or contacts. Is possible recovery it?. Thank you.

of course , you can check archived or not for all objects .

Thank you @bDurtaut.