Dynamic selection radio select widget

is there way to add dynamic value to selection in radio select widget ?

Hi @siddique
I’m not sure if is what you need, anyway there is an example for employment contract, contract type.

it is not what i am saying,


i am talking about this selection

<field name="language" selection="language-selection" widget="RadioSelect" />

Hi @siddique
I got what you mean
I have a document type field as combo box
In domain:

Create a select option selection for hr.employee.document.type

ID Card Passport Driving Licence VISA Work Permit

Try this. Let me know

thanks for writing to me, if we create this way, they are fixed, i have to give user to create these options and than show the select options, i have done it by adding few js code

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Could you please show me how you did it?


yes I will share gist asap

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Thanks @siddique!
Do you have any idea how to solve this?

want to see in output / view part, or want to show in calendar too?

I want to be able to use and set date ad DATE using datepicker calendar.
It’s just a real-time view thing to show day of weeks as EEE dd/MM/yyyy

Do you have any ideas?

I saw code it’s not taking format as input, but we can do quick hack to it without disturbing others

How to modify the XSD to allow to take it in input? Do you already did something similar?

in the other task i did it via action attrs and picked the value from there, in current scenario we can do the same as widgets can have attrs,

Can you please send me the code gist?
Just to see how you did it?
Because I tried using x-bind="{{date|date:‘EEE dd/MM/yyyy’}}"
but didn’t worked because it find a conflict with format and widget date object

x-bind is to bind value, not for format object, i not changed it yet,

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