Latest Docker Image


Does anyone know when the latest version (version 5.2.5 seems to be the latest demo), will be available as a Docker image? The current Docker image is version 5.1.4 which has some CSS problems in the App Builder > Studio.

Many thanks.

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I am facing the same issue, the docker image is for version 5.1.4. In addition on bulk app install i do not see the “Import Demo data” option. Is there a different way to import demo data?

Any update on this, anyone?

Anyone? Adding countries and cities manually is a pain

Looks like I found the solution: setting Application Mode from ‘prod’ to ‘dev’ in line 38 will activate the import demo data checkbox:

the file is located in /axelor-erp/var/data/

# Application Mode
# ~~~~~
# Set to 'dev' for development mode else 'prod'
application.mode = dev