PDF template for invoice and sale (quotation)

Where can I find to edit the PDF templates for quotation and invoice? And how can I edit this PDF template? Is that on Axelor web based or in the backed? Thx

Hi @itvix, you can search the forum for BIRT, which is the tool used by Axelor to generate the templates…there are some topics and links already. And there are a lot of tutorials and documentation about BIRT on the internet.
You can then create, change the templates according to what you want.

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Thx @k26 i will try it out and make some tutorial for other people soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi @itvix. Did you ever make any progress on this? I can’t even find where the documents are located to make the changes.

Hi, have you solved this and made a tutorial? I’ve been struggling for this and if ever you have a tutorial I think it will be a great help for me. Thank you.

for those who come by this forum, i can help make a custom invoice pdf

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Hi, can you please help me on how to make a custom invoice pdf?

Many thanks

If you haven’t done so, look at this document which will give you the basics of modifying a BIRT template

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Thank you very much, this is true gold!

If I don’t want to recompile the application, would it be sufficient to replace the new rptdesign file inside the jar?

You don’t need to rebuild the application.
You just have to drop your template in the directory specified in the path specified in the application.properties file via the reports.design.dir property

If necessary, you can change the directory directly in application.properties which is located in the deployed directory of the application [application name]/WEB-INF/classes
Then, it is necessary to relaunch the Tomcat/Axelor application for the application.properties file to be taken into account.

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I tried with the Invoice.rptdesign file from git and put it in the specified directory.No code changes. I m getting error as follows : javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: could not extract ResultSet
Why So? Please help!