PDF template for invoice and sale (quotation)

Where can I find to edit the PDF templates for quotation and invoice? And how can I edit this PDF template? Is that on Axelor web based or in the backed? Thx

Hi @itvix, you can search the forum for BIRT, which is the tool used by Axelor to generate the templates…there are some topics and links already. And there are a lot of tutorials and documentation about BIRT on the internet.
You can then create, change the templates according to what you want.

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Thx @k26 i will try it out and make some tutorial for other people soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi @itvix. Did you ever make any progress on this? I can’t even find where the documents are located to make the changes.

Hi, have you solved this and made a tutorial? I’ve been struggling for this and if ever you have a tutorial I think it will be a great help for me. Thank you.

for those who come by this forum, i can help make a custom invoice pdf

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