Serial number

Hi, all
There is a field in the product card named « Serial number » (which I can enable in the Axelor base module).
How does Serial Number working?
And where can I find it (I’ve enabled it, but can’t find)?


Product BarCode is generated against Serial Number.

Hello, dear @PakMax
Could you please help me. I meant not product code, but serial number of good. For example: I produce Phone2 R123. R123 is product code (barCode). But each of this phone has a serial number for warranty, service and etc.
How can I add this serial number to the produced products?
I think the tracking number is responsible for this. Am I right?
I’ve created tracking number configuration:

I’ve created a product model and add tracking number:

I’ve start Manufacturing order and try to add this tracking number, but I can’t:

The same situation with the purchasable products. I also can’t add the serial number in Supplier arrival. What I’m doing wrong? Or there is another way for adding the serial numbers?

You can add your mobile as a new product . In this case you will enable to enter unique serial number for each mobile and get a barcode .
Otherwise you can make a new ( One to Many field ) in the product with reference of Product .